The HyperJuice Plug Powers Gadgets On-the-Go

 - May 29, 2012
References: hypershop & youtube
HyperJuice Plug is the world’s first fashionable battery pack with dual USB capability. By using the device, you can now simultaneously charge two iPads or iPhones at once. Two high-powered USB ports give users the ultimate power source, allowing an iPhone to be re-charged up to seven times in one battery life.

What really makes HyperJuice so necessary is its ability to blend in with everyday accessories, so you can still look sexy while nerding-out to Netflix. HyperJuice also provides a tasteful addition to the fashionista's wardrobe, as it is available in six colors: Carbon (black), Sugar (pink), Atmosphere (blue), Chlorophyll (green), Jewel (silver) and Fort Knox (gold). These designs are fit to match your dress, jewelry, lipstick and most of all, your individual style. It carries an aluminum battery housing for protection from sharp rogue purse items, a retractable wall plug and a 5-level LED battery indicator completes the sleek look and all-in-one package.