From Cross-Country WiFi Services to Solar-Powered Stoves

 - Jan 28, 2015
In today's digital word, accessible technology is more important than ever and plays an important part when it comes to inequality around the world. Whether it's a socially conscious campaign, offering free wifi or finding cheaper ways to construct consumer goods, accessible technology has many applications.

Entrepreneurs, brands and municipal governments are finding ways to ensure more people have access to inexpensive Internet as evidenced by free Internet redistributors, giant fries hotpots and smart city-enabling technology. From public hotspots to access-expanding endeavors in rural areas, ensuring greater access to the Internet is clearly a priority worldwide.

Moving beyond crafts, tech is also becoming increasingly DIY, like DIY phone chargers. Companies are also making affordable versions of products like fitness trackers and 3D printers. Moving beyond potentially costly solar panels, others are using kinetic energy to charge devices.