Google X Project Provides Internet Access Using Balloons

 - Jun 18, 2013
References: google
Google X has unveiled more information about its latest project called 'Project Loon,' which aims to provide Internet Access with a speed equivalent to the one offered by 3G networks through a balloon -- yes, an actual balloon. After the first rumors, the company has launched the website for the project. The first tests will be run in New Zealand.

The idea behind it for Google is to keep a legion of balloons floating freely, really high in the atmosphere around the world, creating a network of accessible 3G hotspots. To achieve that goal and predict the balloons' flight paths, the engineers of Google X labs are working hard on algorithms and lots of computing, using winds provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration as an information source.

They have already 50 testers and an initial network of 30 balloons. The idea is that using some special antennas, users will be able to connect if the balloons are in a 20km radius from them. We will see if Google succeeds in providing Internet access or in making it cheaper at least for those two thirds of the Earth's population who still have no Internet access.