From Responsive Wi-Fi Technology to Satellite Internet Services

 - Jun 12, 2015
Tech-obsessed consumers are seeking expansive coverage at higher speeds than ever before and some Internet providers are happy to try going above and beyond to meet their requests. For instance, based out of Minnesota, US Internet calls boasts offering "the World's Fastest Home Internet," providing Internet access at 10 GB per second.

Beyond the home, Wi-Fi Alliance developed a technology called Wi-Fi Aware, which makes it possible for consumers to tap into net access using beacons in areas like subways, where hotspots or cellular connectivity points may not be available.

Knowing that many consumers want to be on the fastest networks out there, TIM Live set up the brilliant 'Steal My Wi-Fi' campaign, where it let people get a taste of its new broadband network for a limited time before prompting them to sign on as a new customer.