Tim Live's 'Steal My WiFi' Enticed New Customers to Its Broadband Network

 - May 28, 2014
References: livetim.tim.br & adeevee
It's very rare that you get someone saying "Yes, please steal my WiFi," but this is exactly what TIM Live did in order to give people a taste of its new ultra broadband service.

Some super powerful routers were set up and the WiFi networks were left open and password-less, with a name that literally said "Steal My WiFi." Upon connecting, people were able to take advantage of a high speed Internet connection for a limited time.

After providing the option for free WiFi to 10,000 people in 26 condos,
it was revealed that about 46% connected to the free WiFi network, with 26% of those people eventually turning into new TIM Live clients. Many Internet Service providers are often seen as sources of frustration, this one makes TIM Live absolutely golden.