From Digital Hotspot Onesies to One-Piece Runner Outfits

 - Aug 11, 2015
The comfort and ease of slipping on one of these adult onesie outfits seems childish in theory, but these simple outfits have become a part of the fashion industry. The one-piece workout outfit from Lululemon brings an undeniable fashionable aspect to the act of jogging. The breathable sweat-wicking material is light and comfortable, while it also eliminates the process of picking a matching outfit.

Other industries are quickly taking note of the functional adult onesie attire such as Virgin Atlantic. This company is offering cozy sleep suits to first class passengers while they fly. There are even technologically advanced onesies like the ByBorre by SXSW, which makes a onesie that is embedded with wireless connectivity to produce and project music.

While some onsie outfits are simply playful sleep attire and lounge wear that is better kept at home, there are emerging onesies that truly belong in public spaces.