This Onesie Romper Literally Conjoins Couples at the Hip

 - Nov 15, 2013
References: theoriginalfactoryshop & buzzfeed
This strange onesie romper comes from the Original Factory Shop and it lets friends and couples be closer together than ever.

The ’Twinsie’ is just like a regular onesie, but it morphs the outfits of two people together. Actually wearing the Twinsie seems a little ridiculous unless a pair is cuddled up on the couch. But wearing this novel jumper might start to lose its appeal when one person wants to make a snack in the kitchen or go to the bathroom, since it turns any event into a three-legged race.

The crazy onesie romper comes in three fun colors and as Colin Leggatt, the marketing director for the Original Factory Shop remarks: it "offers a practical but fun solution for those wanting to stay warm this winter without running up costly energy bills." If it’s good for nothing else, at least it’ll get a laugh the one time you decide to slip into it with a buddy.