- Jan 27, 2015
There are a number of Internet initiatives out there that are directed towards bringing the Internet to those parts of the world that have it. The Internet stands to change the lives of many in the developing world as it will help bring them out of isolation and connect them to the rest of the world and to the myriad resources and information available online.

Of course not all of these Internet initiatives are necessarily completely driven by altruism and a desire to improve people's lives. The fact of the matter is that large swathes of the developing world represent massive, untapped markets that will soon be ripe for the picking. Therefore, the desire of companies to spread the Internet has the two-fold effect of uplifting isolated communities while also creating an environment where profits can be made.

However, these efforts are also balanced out by purely charitable initiatives such as the one that brought solar-powered educational Internet kiosks to a Nigerian community.

From Remote Tablet-Only Cafes to Internet Education Buses: