Verbal Internet Aims to Connect the Disconnected

 - Jan 13, 2014
References: kickstarter & fastcoexist
Verbal Internet by Flock is trying to even the online battlefield a little bit. While it's hard to think of a world without Internet, it's the reality in many places.

The Internet is not as all-consuming everywhere as it is in North America. In areas where there is high illiteracy rates or costly Internet prices, it can be difficult to impossible for many to get access to it. Verbal allows users to do things like send e-mails or send out tweets by using an ordinary phone line and simply speaking into the phone.

The Verbal Internet doesn't only work for those without Internet though and can be used in myriad ways such as for the visually impaired. There's huge potential behind this product and it has the power to lessen the digital divide that we face today.