‘121 Women and Computers' Teaches Valuable Employment

 - Nov 12, 2010
References: 121womenandcomputers & clearlyso
For some of us, especially the younger generation, basic computer skills comes naturally. However, those without access to technology are unable to learn the basic computer skills that are increasingly necessary in numerous jobs. 121 Women and Computers is a registered Community Interest Company based in London, England, that teaches women, ages 25 to 70, a variety of computer skills including internet knowledge, software packages and typing.

The program at 121 Women and Computers is aimed specifically at those women who speak English as a second language, such as immigrants and asylum seekers, but the program has also included single mothers and others disadvantaged individuals.

The courses at 121 Women and Computers can include: ITC, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, typing speed, Adobe Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, and Flash animation. The women also learn how to use the Internet for research, surfing, emailing, and creating business cards and posters.

The learning process offers personal tutorials, individual learning plans, feedback, and one-to-one advice on the next career step. Because everyone learns differently, 121 Women and Computers does its best to tailor the program and support system to what suits each woman.

Those who complete the program not only gain vital employment skills, but many women increase their confidence and self-esteem to help them out on the grueling job hunt.

Contact Information:
121 Women and Computers Website
35 Cressfield Close

Camden, London NW5 4BN
Telephone: 07591 072277