- May 18, 2015
With a growing number of consumers planning their next vacation straight from their phone, tablet or smartwatch, a new wave of travel-savvy apps have emerged to help make traveling easier than ever before.

Of course, every trip is different, which means there are a number of different apps available for every possible vacation-planning need. For travelers trying to determine the best attractions and destinations to see, there are specifically designed guidebooks available for cities across the world. For solo backpackers looking to turn their trip into a more social experience, there are apps available for connecting travelers with ease.

While a number of travel apps can help you to navigate and connect with fellow travelers, there are also apps specifically designed to help you sort out any kind of logistical nightmare that may arise. For instance, there are a number of apps designed to make booking your next flight as seamless as possible, while also guaranteeing you the lowest price. And as far as accommodation, there are apps available that make it easy to find a hotel in any city, even at the last minute.

So if you’re looking to add a digital dimension to your next vacation, these travel savvy apps are perfectly tailored to meet your every trip-related need.

From Impulse Flight Booking Apps to Travel Companion Apps: