The Lost Photos App Helps Retrieve the Photos Lost Within Your Emails

 - May 17, 2014
References: macphun & macphun
Macphun Software recently developed a handy mobile technology called the Lost Photos App, which essentially lets you revive the photos that you thought were goners.

The Internet and email has been a prominent part of most of our lives for well over a decade now. Imagine the types of things that are laying within the depths of our email accounts -- especially if we have managed to keep the same ones since the dawn of email's time?

This app will explore those depths for you and retrieve every picture that you ever attached, sent or received. It then allows you to share your favorite lost photos to friends and family on Facebook and Twitter or via email all over again. You can find lost vacation pictures, relive your glorious high-school days, or even come across an embarrassing picture of your sibling that you can use as blackmail.