Quicket Allows You to Spy on Your Seatmate

 - Oct 22, 2014
References: itunes.apple & quicket.to
Quicket is a new app that allows you to get a peek at your flight mate before they actually sit down next to you.

You know the feeling: you're sitting in your window seat, watching the plane fill up and praying to a higher power that you're not sitting next to a) the exasperated mother with the shrieking toddler, b) the cold-afflicted dude who can't stop sneezing or c) the sleazy businessman who orders a rum and coke before he's even sat down. God forbid you're saddled with option d) the nervous flyer (and potential conspiracy theorist) who's convinced the plane is going down.

In addition to booking flights and choosing your seat easily and effortlessly, Quicket has a social check-in feature that lets you browse your seatmate's Facebook profile, so at least you'll be prepared for whatever comes your way!