The Start-Up Polarsteps is Revolutionizing the Way We Track our Travels

 - Apr 7, 2015
References: polarsteps & tnooz
The start-up Polarsteps is about to change the face of travel blogging by offering an easy way to log your travels via your mobile device, even without access to GPS or WiFi. Polarsteps explains that the app uses ambient location tracking technology to provide seamless travel tracking on a digital map. In fact, the user can log their rout without even taking their phone out of their pocket. The user then has the ability to add photos later on to create a graphic representation of their journey, which can then be shared on various social media platforms. The result is a kind of travel slideshow for the modern age that goes beyond the limits of current travel applications.

Polarsteps is a six-person start-up that emerged out of a frustration with current trip journal applications. The founders explain that they wanted a means of achieving real-time story telling that they could then relay to their friends and family. They wanted to focus on a simple design that would capitalize on innovative technology, and would also be able to function without the availability of internet. Currently the app is in its beta version and is primarily aimed at assisting consumers in logging their travel stories. However, the future possibilities for travel organizations to create branded accounts may soon help Polarsteps to become the biggest mobile travel log application.