Sendish Lets You See How Far Your Photography Travels the World

 - Apr 28, 2015
References: & thenextweb
Sendish is a photo-sharing app that revives classic photo tag games. The premise of this app is that you begin by posting a photo and when it has been received by another user, it's up to the next person to take another awesome shot so the same chain of events can be continued. What makes this app unique is that everything happens anonymously and the game relies on a photo being liked to move on to the next destination. Once your photo has been released into the world, it's possible to follow its journey and see how it is being received by the global Sendish community.

As well as calling itself "honestly anonymous," photos taken within the app also have a raw authenticity to them, since there are no edits that can be made or filters to be added. These kind of photo tag challenges used to be popular on anonymous web forums, but Sendish makes the game so much easier and entertaining in the form of an app.