From Secretive Texting Apps to Ephemeral Email Extensions

 - Dec 10, 2015
Rather than taking to the world wide web to share ideas, opinions or casual conversations, many savvy consumers are seeking alternatives for secure communication. One major drawback to the Internet is that it can be extremely difficult to erase content, especially when sharing has been accelerated by social media. As a way to ensure that one's digital identity is not permanently marred by something negative, many consumers are opting for communication tools that boast ephemeral or encryption features.

Taking inspiration from the popular qualities of Snapchat, a number of apps and services have been created to facilitate the safe sharing of text, images, videos or other content. In the case of a Google Chrome plugin called 'Dmail,' users are able to send encrypted self-destructing messages that can be revoked at any time. While there are a number of applications that work in this way, some are more covert about their approaches to privacy. For instance, 'Kibo' is an app that hides private information in plain sight, concealing true messages under the disguise of false ones.

In an age where one's online identity is easily searched by prospective employers, spouses or anyone with web access, tools for managing one's personal identity are more valuable than ever.