Roo Kids is a Secure Chat App for Children

 - Apr 23, 2015
References: & prunderground
Roo Kids is a messaging app specifically designed to address two major issues that parents have: safety concerns about their children taking to strangers online and the fact that mobile use can be so distracting, it has a negative impact on a child's health and education.

To address these concerns, Roo Kids was developed as a solution that's being called a "WhatsApp for Kids." With this app, preteens are able to communicate with friends via drawings, text messages and emojis. Parents have full access to the contact list and whenever a new contact is added, they will get a notification to keep them in the loop. When a child reports another user for abuse, parents are also notified so that additional action can be taken if necessary to reduce online bullying. Adults will also appreciate that the app has no advertising content and that they are able to set a curfew to limit app use.