This Sober App Acts as a Virtual Alcoholics Anonymous Group

 - Aug 10, 2015
References: sobergridapp & entrepreneur
A new sober app, 'Sober Grid' helps recovering alcoholics stay on the wagon using a social network, much as Alcoholics Anonymous does.

AA operates on the principle that having a support system of people who are themselves recovering from alcohol addiction, as well as a mentor who is available to you at all times, is key in beating addiction. This sober app takes this concept and transports it online. Like many apps, Sober Grid allows users to connect, chat and build a virtual network of supporters. It has two additional features that are uniquely useful to recovering alcoholics. It allows users to announce a "Burning Desire" (a term taken from the 12 steps of AA), signalling to others on the app that they are in immediate danger of relapse and require support. It also has a function for users to request a ride -- particularly key for those with DUIs.

Sober Grid is a great example of the growing development of apps that serve important and positive social purposes.