Travel Pal Uses Beacon Technology to Streamline the Travel Process

 - Apr 30, 2015
References: & tnooz
At this year's THack Seattle, groups of programmers and designers gathered to rethink the way travel is planned and managed and one of the ideas that came out of it was a system called Travel Pal.

Whether it's arriving at the airport too early or getting stuck waiting in terminals, the team behind Travel Pal identified that one of the biggest problems with travel is time that goes to waste. In order to cut down on this in a reasonable way, the team dreamed up a network to help travelers receive targeted location-specific information to help them reach their flights on time.

Over the course of the hackathon, it was imagined that Travel Pal would have three sections: a home screen to provide relevant information before a flight, an airport screen to break down events before entering the gate and a post-security screen. This last screen would work with beacon technology in the airport to provide relevant information based on location. A color coding system also makes it easy to see whether a passenger should be let to the front of the line if they are about to miss a connecting flight. If this system could be implemented on a large scale, it would surely be effective in telling travelers exactly where they need to be and when.