Sustainable Speakers Fill Low-Tech Shells with Hi-Tech Features

 - Jul 13, 2012
References: industrialdesignserved
This set of Sustainable Speakers differs greatly from the typical sleekness you might be used to of electronics. No plastic nor metal make up the body of the sound system components because the designer instead prioritized for more eco-friendly materiality.

Facundo Elias's concept involves making use of recycled cardboard to sculpt the shells of these egg-shaped amps. They even take on the rough yet soft texture of the familiar egg carton. The benefits of employing this unconventional fabric for the body of these devices are manifold. They firstly improve upon the common electronics manufacturing process by reusing and reducing waste. The wireless-enabled Sustainable Speakers also embody a discernible lightness for better flexibility of use, weighed down simply by their specialized audio components.