- Nov 19, 2014
There are a number of thoughtful and creative gifts for DJs that you can procure without burning a deep hole in your wallet.

Whereas DJing was once the exclusive endeavor of people who had money to spend on fancy equipment, modern technology allows for anyone to mix music or compose original music at little expense and with minimal technical expertise.

For more serious DJs, you could always get them a turntable set that's an upgrade over their existing equipment.

If you can't afford a traditional turntable set or are weary that your record-spinning gift recipient would rather keep plugging away on their own equipment, look beyond the turntable and maybe get something that makes life easier for the DJ while they're spinning. How about a pair of headphones for instance? DJs covet headphones that are comfortable when worn for long periods, stylish and of course provide great sound.

From Whisky Bottle Turntables to Blinged DJ Headphones: