The Jubilee by Thorens

 - Jun 27, 2008
Thorens, a Swiss manufacturer of high-end audio equipment, are well known for their awesome turntables. Their newest turntable, the Jubilee, commemorates 125 years of the Thorens name. Weighing in at 58kg (128 lbs), the Jubilee turntable certainly deserves a place in the list of the world's best ever vinyl replay machines. The price? £28,000, or $55,596 USD.

Along with the Jubilee, the firm is also going to launch the affordable Mini, which will retail for £240.

I know what you're thinking, I am going to say it's a waste of money, blah blah blah, but you know what, you are wrong! I think this piece can be a priceless antique someday, so if I do win the lottery I am getting myself one, along with a cute dj :D.