'Death Calls the Tune' by Lab Binaer Speaks to Our 24/7 News Cycle

 - Jan 10, 2010   Updated: Aug 8 2011
References: labbinaer.de & gizmodo
'Death Calls the Tune' by Lab Binaer is a modified turntable that displays neon news headlines in ticker-like fashion. The art piece is meant to be a reflection on our 24/7 news cycle and the way in which dismal headlines have saturated our senses.

'Death Calls the Tune' by Lab Binaer is not a turntable that plays music; instead, it displays 50-character news headlines in phosphorous. Check out this trippy turntable in action above.

Implications - The 'Death Calls the Tune' by Lab Binaer is a product that compiles all of the world's minute by minute news for stories that deal with punishment and suffering on the planet. Then a microcontroller picks up the remodelled record player and burns the lengthy headlines onto a groomed light disc. The irony is, this installation is probably going to be a major news story on many of the same channels its satirizing for capitulating to the desire for "infotainment."