- Aug 4, 2013
This collection shows the re-purposing of the vinyl record and the different turntable designs. Even though society moved on from the record to the tape to the CD and now to MP3 files, they still hold a place in popular culture.

While CDs are still being made en masse, the tape has become essentially extinct as the MP3 reigns supreme. However, vinyl records are still available in some circumstances, especially as collectors items. Beyond their original musical purpose, record players have gained popularity as a quirky furniture piece. This is especially common amongst young people.

There is also a significant re-purposing movement, where records are being turned into anything from lighting to cutting boards to book ends. They are a frequent topic of DIY projects, especially for those who might have access to multiple crates of vintage vinyl sitting in their garages.

From Tree Trunk Turntables to Recycled Record Wine Racks: