Golden Era by Koros Benedek is a Minimal and Modern Music Player

 - Jun 29, 2012
References: yankodesign & yankodesign
There's a talent to being a DJ, and to make things easier, there is the Golden Era by Koros Benedek, a wireless vinyl record for real music aficionados.

Most vinyl players today are used for mixing and scratching to make musical effects rather than playing music. As a result, Benedek created the Golden Era device, which is a compact player without wires or any plug-in connections. This sleek circular player is simple, but don't underestimate its power; its output is stellar as a result of a revamped modern vinyl player that's made with a built-in battery.

The Goldern Era is equipped with DLNA and Airplay technology to allow users to intertwine the golden era of music and new MP3 generation styles. The circular design is not all for looks as the center, vinyl section and outer circumference each have their own functions .