Tamir Sher 'Masters on 45s' Collection Fuses Music and Art

 - Apr 19, 2012
References: tamirsher & notcot.org
The most memorable pieces of art often fuse different genres of expression much like the Tamir Sher 'Masters on 45s' photo series. These pictures fuse elements of music and art together as Tamir took old masters' paintings and spun them on an old record player, then snapped images.

This process resulted in a string of photographs in which the subjects are blurry, but still slightly identifiable. This immediately strikes a chord with the audience as they wonder how exactly the paintings manage to stay intact, but blurry at the same time. The result? Viewers will go through the entire collection pondering what speeds the photos were taken at and perhaps may try it themselves. This project questions what our eyes miss and are able to catch in extremely fast moments and, by taking still images of the paintings, Tamir presents the old masters' works in an entirely new light.