The LP Table Lamp by Genanvendt is Stylishly Retro

 - Aug 1, 2013
References: & neatorama
The LP Table Lamp is not only made for audiophiles, but also those who simply have an appreciation for vintage-inspired home decor as well as unique creations in general. The LP Table Lamp is made out of old vinyl records. Yet instead of bending the material into unrecognizable shapes, the records have been maintained in a layered look so that people acknowledge them as they have always been intended to be.

Designed by Genanvendt, a studio based in Denmark, the LP Table Lamp creates a soft and subdued lighting. This is not only due to the records themselves that help contain the glow, but also the screen of translucent material creating a cylinder around the light bulb itself. The LP Table Lamp is available in in different sizes with different numbers of LPs.