Serpentine Gallery Pavilion is a Shelter in the Form of a Giant Disc

 - Jun 3, 2012
References: aiweiwei & itsnicethat
Pavilions usually have elevated roofs with intricate designs, but the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion keeps it simple and functional.

Created by Herzog & De Meuron and Ai Weiwei, this Swiss and Beijing-based collaboration is part of the London 2012 Festival. The rooftop of this minimal canopy holds a surface of water that floats above the lush green lawn at London's Serpentine Gallery. The eleven columns each represent the previous Serpentine Gallery structures.

This structure invites people into its hovering rooftop, creating a masked roof dwelling that's like a squirrel's den. Underneath the roof is a seating area where people can interact with stone chairs resembling mushroom heads. This archaeological-like structure is built with cork that lines the surfaces to offer a warm and inviting environment.