The Kontor Back to Vinyl Office Turntable Digitally Plays Records

With the revival of vinyl records, music firm Kontor created The Office Turn Table to play records digitally for a modern day audience. Created as an innovative way to promote the dance track by artist Boris Dlugosch to record labels and DJs, The Office Turn Table lets users listen to a vinyl-quality track on a portable turn table entirely through their smartphones.

Kontor used The Office Turn Table to promote Boris Dlugosch's DJ dance track. The Office Turn Table was sent to music executives and directors at several major labels as an ambiguous white box package containing Boris Dlugosch's latest recording. The box is then converted into a makeshift turn table with a orange vinyl disk that can be placed on top. All users have to then to hear the track is download The Office Turn Table app, hold their smartphones up to the disc, and let it play the song like a record player's needle.