This Musical Paper by 'Uniform' Plays Music on a 'Postcard Player'

 - Jun 18, 2013
References: & designtaxi
Design agency Uniform has developed musical paper that can be played with its 'Postcard Player.' The postcards make use of printing technology that embeds circuits onto the paper's surface. Using this premise, Uniform is able to print "buttons" on the paper, allowing users to press play, pause and stop as you would on a stereo, or digital music device. Uniform's attempt is designed to revitalize buying hard copies of music.

The development is an experimentation with paper-based apps. The cards are big enough to host album artwork and the experience is more like interacting with the sleeve of a vinyl record than a screen on a device. This effort to bring a tactile quality back to music is an interesting one, especially since the 'Paper Postcards' have enough space to host album artwork, lyrics or a track listing.