These Laser-Cut Records by Amanda Ghassaei are Made From Wood

 - May 15, 2013
References: instructables & amandaghassaei
Artist and all around smarty-pants Amanda Ghassaei has been laser-cutting various materials, including wood and turning them into playable records. After producing some 3D-printed records, Ghassaei decided to play around with other more accessible potential record materials.

The laser cuts grooves into the wood, similar to the grooves on a vinyl record. However, the grooves on a wooden record are about twice as big. Some of the bands Amanda has recorded on these wooden records include Radiohead and The Velvet Underground.

Aside from wood, Amanda Ghassaei has also been able to create playable laser-cut records from acrylic and paper. It’s interesting to think about how many materials could potentially be laser-cut to play our favorite tunes. This imaginative approach to record making can also be found on Instructables, where Amanda shows users how to DIY.