This Millennium Falcon Record Player Can Spin Vinyl in Twelve Parsecs

 - Apr 3, 2013
References: picotekdesign & bitrebels
While we already know that vinyl records are from a long, long time ago, this awesome Millennium Falcon record player is indisputable proof that vinyl exists in a galaxy far, far away.

The modified Millennium Falcon record player isn't a commercially available unit, but rather a pretty sweet modification made by Marco of Picotek design. The spaceship portion of the turntable is an old Millennium Falcon toy from the 70s that was missing all the parts that Marco found for sale for $2. After it sat unused for years, Marco hollowed out the toy and inserted a Technics 1200 record player into the toy with help from his friends at Green Guy Recycling. The result is a masterpiece of 1970s technology and Sci-Fi glory.

So this Millennium Falcon record player can not only play The Dark Side of the Moon, but it can visit it too!