Scott Marr Etches Flowery Patterns Into Old Records Using Fire

 - Feb 14, 2012
References: & magnolius.tumblr
Scott Marr is a renowned pyrography artist, but unlike his contemporaries that use only wood and paper to produce their burnt illustrations, Marr has moved onto other materials. In his series entitled ‘78’s,’ Marr has taken his collection of scratched vinyl records and used them as canvases for his beautiful and intricate floral-pattern creations. Just because the records can no longer please listeners’ ears, doesn’t mean they can’t still please people’s eyes.

Aside from these marvellous vinyl creations, Scott Marr also renders pyrographic images with concepts other pyrography artists have yet to explore. Burning original images of superheroes, moths, robots and beetles onto paper, the self-taught artist uses his custom tools as easily as digital artists using pen tablets. He also boasts that the pigments in his illustrations all come from raw organic materials, infusing DNA into his work.