The LEGO Player Amazingly Functions as a Real Record Player

 - Dec 6, 2012
References: psfk
Believe it or not, the LEGO player created by Anika Vuurzoon is made entirely out of LEGO parts and works exactly as a record player would. Though it may not have the same smooth sound as most record players, it should still be applauded as an ingenious contraption.

Like many of us who may be wondering how anyone was able to create this contraption, the video provides you with an inside look as to how the LEGO player is able to play music and how you could make your own. The software that allows music to be played was developed by Matthias Paul Scholz who encoded notes into colors, which is how the machine detects which note to play. Some of the other cool features include three spinning dancing figures situated in the front as well as notes on the other sides.

The LEGO player goes to show that with a little imagination and determination, there are limitless possibilities as to what you can build.