- Jul 25, 2013
Listing to music is often a soothing and relaxing way to distract yourself from everyday worries, and if you're looking to infuse that concept into your interior decor, then these musically inspired furniture pieces are just for you.

While most people tend to gravitate towards their MP3 devices or stereo systems the moment they feel like listening to some beats, having those devices integrated into your actual furniture pieces makes the process a lot more enjoyable and fun. Not only are these pieces of decor a great way to infuse music and beats into your regular at-home routine, but they also serve as wonderful reminders to your guests about how much you enjoy music around the house.

From rock gear furniture to built-in speaker seats, these musically inspired furniture designs will make listening to music at home a memorable event.

From Harp-Infused Seating to Sound System Tabletops: