The Xylo Table by Nucharin Wangphongsawasd is Musically Inclined

 - Jun 19, 2012
References: design-milk
The Xylo Table, as its name suggests, is inspired by the xylophone, a musical instrument residing in the percussion family. Even if it weren't named so, the shape would immediately give away its underlying influence. Increasing in size from one end to the other, the Xylo Table is made out of slim wooden planks that mimic the keys of a xylophone.

Designed by Nucharin Wangphongsawasd, a graduate student at Woodworking and Furniture Design at Rochester Institute of Technology, the Xylo Table does not just make people imagine the sounds it could possibly produce, it also gives them a sense of motion. At once simple and intricate, the Xylo Table is especially perfect for traditional living spaces.