The Magazone Facilitates Improptu Productivity with Great Versatility

 - Jan 13, 2013
References: loookindustries
Do you ever get a stroke of genius after leaving a meeting? You'd better get it written down quickly before the details disappear. The Magazone is a quirky concept that allows you to do this fairly well by offering you a multipurpose setup for accomplishing a variety of tasks on the spot.

I couldn't imagine wanting to carry the Loook Industries product around everywhere but its portability feature is indeed appealing. Gestranius & Lahtinen intended the Magazone as a stop and go workstation. It can be folded out into a miniature desk with a privacy partition for important phone calls and impromptu meetings.

What you'll especially love about this object is its whimsical appearance. Assembled like an oversized music stand, the Magazone has a broad birch backboard with a pair of cast aluminum hands on either side. While using this unusual contraption, you might appear to be reading a massive newspaper to confused passers-by.