These Back to School Designs Will Help Personalize & Decorate Your Dorm

 - Aug 7, 2014
When it comes time to decorate your dorm this fall, it's important to make the most of your space and fill it with furniture that will serve you well. Dorm rooms are often small and impersonal, and if you're sharing a space with someone, living quarters can feel even more cramped. However, with a few smart design choices, your space can be just as cozy and roomy as home.

Some dorm room essentials include a good bed, a bedside table, a work desk, seating and lots of storage, no matter what you're majoring in. These examples of student furniture pieces are space-saving, multi-purpose and fun as well as functional. Even a few of them could be tackled as DIY projects if you're looking to save some pennies and put them towards your tuition.