Ambivalenz's Modular Shelf System is Minimalist and Customizable

 - Jul 15, 2014
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Space has become a desired luxury not all of us posses in our homes in modern times; so if you're looking for a modular shelf system to help you store all the little trinkets and necessities you love in one place, make sure you check out the Fläpps Shelving System.

The aesthetic Fläpps Shelving System will help you declutter your space and showcase all your storage in a way that looks crafty and organized. This modular shelf system is the work of Ambivalenz and gives you the freedom to configure the shelves in the way you see fit for your space either in your home or office workspace. The minimalist shelving system is made-up of standalone units that can be combined to create your bespoke shelving solutions to fit your own unique space and storage requirements.