This Hardwood Step Stool is Handmade and Vintage

If you’re feeling all grown up and want to make a purchase that isn’t from IKEA to give your space a mature and cultured look then treat yourself to this gorgeous handmade hardwood step stool.

Designed by former architect-turned-furniture designer Aaron Poritz and talented Nicaraguan craftsmen, the step stool is no regular piece of furniture. It is a super smart multipurpose piece that has a distinctly vintage 1950s kitchen vibe to it. The functional and attractive piece works as both a kitchen accessory to reach those place you could never get to on your own or as an eclectic side table with extra storage for all your coffee table books or magazines not on show at the moment. 

Made using old lumber from 300-year-old Nanciton trees, the stool is definitely the perfect piece you need.