Misko Table Lamp is a Hybrid Illuminating Surface and Storage Compartment

 - Mar 4, 2014
References: haimevgi & yankodesign
You may have come across some quirky combinations of tables and light fixtures, but you probably haven't seen anything quite like the Misko Table Lamp. This endearing item looks like a fairly basic piece of furniture, yet it hides a clever second function.

Locate a switch on the back of the solid oak box and you'll see Haim Evgi's bedside table light up. The furnishing emits a bright yellow light from a notched drawer pull and an upper surface made of plexiglass. With this setup, you won't require a light for visibility in the early morning and at night. The LED source within the Misko Table Lamp is economical, completing a practical and delightful multipurpose movable.