This White Cardboard Furniture Uses Seatbelts in its Design

This white cardboard furniture by 'Peppermint Products' has many things going in its favor -- it is lightweight, eco-friendly and most of all stylish. The all-white furniture is made from heavy-weight cardboard and held together with a colorful seatbelt strap in a punchy accent color. In addition to adding aesthetic value, the seatbelt straps wrap help to hold the furniture together when it is in its furniture and folded form, which makes it easy to flatpack an transport home.

Although the material seems deceptively frail, the honeycomb structure on the interior of the cardboard fortifies the designs so that they are able to function as actual furniture pieces. The Munich-based company's collection includes a range of pieces, from seating to bookshelves that would be ideal for student budgets and dorm rooms.