'Stacked Objects' by Emiel Remmelts is Held up by Objects

 - Aug 11, 2013
References: emielremmelts.nl & dezeen
Stacked Objects by Emiel Remmelts can best be described as tentative shelving. Yes, the shelves look fine. However, a closer inspection reveals that the right sight of the unit is held up entirely by a series of random objects. The result is a shelving unit that was described by its designer as looking like a collage.

The "collage" description is certainly apt as Remmelts picked up random items from flea markets to prop his shelf up. Stacked Objects looks a lot like the shelves you find in college dorm rooms, albeit much fancier with its ash wood and lack of textbooks/bricks holding things together. Stacked Objects by Emiel Remmelts also features a clothes rail. That looks to be a bit trickier to hold up and as such would probably not be found in an American dorm room. Undergraduate ingenuity only goes so far.