The Therese Coffee Table Becomes Complete with the Storage of Books

 - Mar 14, 2014
The playful Thérèse Coffee Table has been designed as an unfinished product, eagerly awaiting the arrangement of your home library. Comprising a rigid metal structure of right-angled surfaces, slots, cubbies and edging, this practical piece of furniture has a great deal more storage space than you might expect.

Created by Rush Pleansuk for Harto Design, the geometric frame can accommodate half a dozen paperbacks in each of its thickset legs and serve as a magazine rack. The upper surface is ideal for placing bigger volumes and hardcovers with protective jackets, because this area will become your functional tabletop. Place your teacup, your snack, your reading glasses and your TV remote on top of the full Thérèse Coffee Table. Everything that brings you comfort on the couch will be just within reach.