- May 14, 2015
Furniture for kids is becoming more sophisticated thanks to designers who are creating multi-functional home decor solutions rather than temporary ones. Whether focusing on sustainability or dual-purpose features, designers are creating furnishings that educate kids while growing with them.

Standouts include doll-house storage units that double as an interactive toy and crayon-embedded tables that encourage kids to get creative. Other favorites range from modular puzzle desks that transition as children grow older and stuffed animal sleeping bags that can double as large cushions or floor seating solutions.

In addition to multi-functional furniture pieces, sustainable home accessories are also a popular solution for parents. Eco furniture for kids is not only made with earth-friendly materials but is also easy to assemble. Resembling 3D puzzles, cardboard desks and rocking horses are examples of products that appeal to kids' interests and parents' budgets.

This Furniture for Kids is Multifunctional and Imaginative: