Flatpacked Furnishings Teach Youngsters the Process and Logic of Assembly

 - Mar 4, 2015
References: kickstarter
In a modern world where children are given ready-made objects for play and practical use, projects like this cardboard kids' desk make valuable possessions. Crafts have long been wonderful activities to encourage imagination, creativity and technical skills in youngsters, so building a whole item of furniture presents a great learning opportunity.

When parents order their tots the Imagination Desk and the Imagination Chair, the six and five sets of components come flat-packed and ready for easy assembly. Together with mom or dad, little ones can take pride in piecing every part like an intuitive puzzle, forming an eco table and a seat with extraordinary strength. The corrugated cardboard furniture can withstand 500 pounds, rough play, and wear and tear. Children are encouraged to customize their furnishings too, by drawing and painting on them. The components can be flipped over later to provide blank canvases, and both objects can be recycled when they've been outgrown.