Vinyl Milford by Allan Wexler Rethinks Small Spaces

 - Jun 4, 2013
References: allanwexlerstudio & psfk
Vinyl Milford transforms a mass-produced, vinyl coated sheet metal shed into a quirky yet practical guesthouse. Due to its small size, it has been expanded on in a very unexpected manner. Protruding from Vinyl Milford's exterior are ghostlike forms of furniture. In reality, they are recesses that contain actual pieces of furniture.

Designed by Allan Wexler, Vinyl Milford essentially provides all the necessary rooms found in guesthouses: bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and dining room. The catch is that only one is put into use at a time. When a bed is needed, it is pulled right out of the wall just like all the other pieces of furniture.

A unique solution to say the very least, Vinyl Milford could inspire a whole new take on small spaces.