The String Seat by Volodymyr Karalyus Melds Three Functions in Harmony

 - May 3, 2011
References: & designbuzz
There's no denying the visual and utilitarian polyphony of the String Seat by Volodymyr Karalyus. This poetic piece of outdoor furniture beautifully combines a bench, a bicycle stand and a garbage bin all in one.

The shape of the unusual object contrasts rational lines against sinuous curves to create an entity that looks rather like the aesthetic expression of music made from a string instrument like a guitar, a cello or a violin. Bold blue bands make up the bike lock separators, the chair's seat and the mount for the trash can and its lid. The overall optical experience of the String Seat by Volodymyr Karalyus is one that allows the eyes to appreciate what the ears do alone, making it a piece of art in both senses and an extremely practical outdoor accessory.