The Laserpod Lets Traveling DJs Bring Parties With Them

The Laserpod is really amazing at creating a light show while being easy to carry with you to a social gathering.

Although I wasn’t around during the disco era (born in it, not raised in it), I can still appreciate a good light show. Fireworks are great, but not when you have a headache.

A good light show can be enjoyed regardless of how you feel, and can even help you feel better, and hopefully help your headache go away (don’t quote me on that). For those that have had the colored light ball, and have seen what it can do, I can tell you that the Laserpod is LIGHTYEARS beyond the disco era throwback (pun intended).

Check out the videos if you still doubt what I’m saying, but the Laserpod really is incredible at helping to liven up a dull party, or even creating a fun atmosphere for a traveling DJ.