- Sep 24, 2012
Not too long ago laser guns were things that existed only in people's imaginations, but the future is now folks, and laser guns have entered the real world. Sure, some of these laser guns are harmless toys for kids used for tormenting your cat endlessly, but others are real military-grade laser guns. These big guns are used to take down enemy aircraft and cut through glass.

It seems that the gadgets that we dreamed up in sci-fi films are becoming everyday items. Remember tri-corders from Star Trek? I am willing to bet that an iPhone can do all that a tri-corder can do, plus some, and it comes in a much smaller package with a nicer interface.

It is only a matter of time before we figure out warp speed and can visit our galactic neighbors on a day trip.

From Hybrid Laser Toys to Anti-Aircraft Lasers: